CE marking

CE marking (Conformité Européenne) is the European Economic Area symbol that signifies conformity to harmonised European standards. It is a declaration by the manufacturer that a product conforms to all of the regulated requirements of these product standards. CE marking was introduced in 1985 and is mandatory for a number of product groups within the EEA (the 28 Member States of the EU plus EFTA countries Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein). For products made within the EEA, the manufacturer is responsible for compliance of all CE-labelled goods; for imported products this is the importer’s responsibility.

Bituminous binders are covered by harmonised European standards and are subject to CE marking if the products conform to grades within the following specifications:

  • Paving grade bitumen (EN12591)
  • Hard paving grade bitumen (EN 13924-1)
  • Multigrade paving grade bitumen (EN 13924-2)
  • Cationic bituminous emulsions (EN 13808)
  • Cutback and fluxed bitumens (EN 15322)
  • Polymer modified bitumen (EN 14023)


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