Aimé Xhonneux, Director General

A Masters graduate in Commercial Engineering, Aimé has extensive European experience in oil specialities and bitumen, and was seconded from his parent company TOTAL to take up the reins as Director General of Eurobitume from 1st September 2012.

Aimé has particular knowledge of the German and French environments and began his career with TOTAL in Belgium, where he held a variety of roles including Network Sales Manager. In 1988 he moved with TOTAL to Germany for the first time, after which he spent seven years in France managing Retail Network operations and IT Project Implementation. Still with TOTAL, Aimé returned to Germany in 2006 as Director Specialities (Bitumen, Marine, Aviation, LPG and Special Fluids), and also chaired the advisory board of the Tyczka Totalgaz joint venture (between TOTAL Deutschland and Tyczka Energie), which commercializes LPG in bulk and cylinders in Germany.

Throughout his career to date, Aimé has played an important and active role in a variety of key trade, sector and cultural associations including ARBIT (the professional German Association of Bitumen), the Association of Lubricants in Germany (VSI) and FGSV – an association which conducts research into traffic and roads.